Guidelines for Membership Application

  1. Membership of IACS is by application on the prescribed form.
  2. The subscribers to the Constitution and such other persons as shall be admitted to membership in accordance with the provisions hereinafter contained shall, subject as provided by these present, be Members of the Institute.
  3. All applications shall be accompanied by the following:-
  • Certified copy of valid Company Secretary Licence issued by CCM under section 20G of the Companies Commission of Malaysia Act 2001 by any other Company Secretary (applicable to Ordinary & Fellow Members)
  • Copies of other certificates of qualifications or membership in relevant associations / bodies (if available),
  • Two driving licence-size photographs.
  • The registration fee and annual subscription shall be such sums as the Council may from time to time prescribe.

The respective registration fee and annual subscription for the time being are as follows:

FELLOW RM 150.00 RM 250.00
ORDINARY RM 150.00 RM 200.00
ASSOCIATE RM 100.00 RM 150.00
GRADUATE RM 100.00 RM 150.00
STUDENT RM 50.00 RM 50.00

Members applying for upgrading to Fellow/ Ordinary members are required to pay a sum of RM 170.00 being registration fee (RM 150.00) and nominal upgrading fee (RM 20.00).