About IACS


Welcome to Institute of Approved Company Secretaries (IACS) Official Website

Institute of Approved Company Secretaries (387525-X) (IACS), a professional company secretaries' body was incorporated on 16 May 1996 under the Companies Act, 1965 as a Company Limited by Guarantee. IACS is a non-profit making secretarial body established to promote the interests of licensed company secretaries in Malaysia. Currently, IACS has 1 Regional Office to accommodate our members with our services. IACS has been conducting many CPD seminars besides publishing quarterly newsletters, named "The Approved Company Secretaries" for our members as part of the requirements complying with Company Secretary's License to convey information connected with the profession of company secretary. This also has given IACS an opportunity to provide an avenue for Company Secretaries and other professionals to get together to improve and advance their respective interest and professional status.